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Covid-19 update: airport regulations at Istanbul airport

Covid-19 pandemic test rules Istanbul airport

Here are the latest rules for those arriving at Istanbul airports during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Important notes:

  • All passengers must undergo a medical examination, and those showing symptoms similar to the common symptoms of Covid will have a PCR test performed.
  • In general, you get the test results in 2-4 hours but it also depends on the number of people transiting the airport at that time. If there are more people in the line, you have to wait more.
  • Passengers with a positive test result must take medical treatment.
  • The test costs you around 30 euro – 260 TL.
  • Each country has its own rules, so before you go back to your own country, you might have to take the test provately. For example travellers going back to Germany have have a negative test certificate before they enter their country. Please therefore check the procedures applied in your country.

Here is a YouTube video that explains the situation well.

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