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Easing of Covid-19 restrictions in Istanbul – March 2021

Covid restrictions eased in Istanbul, March 1, 2021

Authorities are easing certain Covid-19-related domestic restrictions as of March 1.

Here is the latest update about the restrictions in Istanbul:

? A color-coded system introduced by the ministry. Turkey has been divided into 4 categories: Blue (low-risk), Yellow (mid-risk), Orange (high-risk), Red (very high-risk)

? Istanbul was coded “orange” which is at the high-risk level The curfew between 21:00 and 05:00 on weekdays will be valid. The weekend curfew will continue for a while only on Sunday (curfew on Saturday was lifted).

? Restaurant, cafeterias, bakeries will operate with half capacity from 7am to 7pm. They will offer only takeaway and delivery services between 7pm and 9 pm while offering only delivery services from 9pm to 12 am.

? All people nationwide must wear protective facemasks and observe social distancing while in public.

? Strict social distancing guidelines have also been imposed on public transport.

? All international travelers arriving by air, land, or sea must produce a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR test result taken no more than 72 hours prior to their flight’s or ferry’s scheduled departure. Any traveler unable to submit a negative test result at the point of departure will not be allowed to board; people arriving in Turkey without proof of having tested negative will be required to quarantine either at their reported address in Turkey or at a government-designated facility.

? All flights to/from the UK, Denmark, Brazil, and South Africa remain indefinitely suspended in response to discoveries of variant strains of COVID-19 in these countries.

? All travelers who have visited the UK, Denmark, Brazil, or South Africa within the 10 days prior totheir arrival in Turkey will be quarantined for 14 days in a government-selected facility.

? The colors of our provinces will be re-determined every week according to the risk situation and the normalization practice will be updated every two weeks.

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