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How to use Istanbul’s aerial tramways / cable cars / gondolas

High above Istanbul are two aerial lines that afford stunning views over the city.

Visitors can even savour some of Istanbul’s majesty from the sky, thanks to Istanbul’s two gondola lines, from Maçka to Taşkışla, and the better known Eyüp-Piyerloti line. Teleferik at Macka is located not far from Taksim Square (approximately 10 mins walk northeast of Taksim Square).

The latter 384 m (1,260 ft) ride up the Piyerloti Hill is renowned for its spectacular views over the Golden Horn, Eyup district.

How Do You Buy A Ticket For Aerial Tramways in Istanbul?

You can use disposable paper electronic card (one-time use or reusable tickets which can be swiped twice, three-times,.., up to 10 times), plastic RFID chip card (Istanbul kart), tokens or ‘besi bir yerde kart‘ which allows you to trip 5 times and saves you from buying 5 tokens at a time to take aerial tramways at Macka and Eyup districts.

You can buy your disposable fare cards Biletmatik machines, have your Istanbul Kart or reload credit onto your Istanbul Card from Electronic Card Point of Sales or buy your single-fare tokens from Jetonmatik machines. They are situated near the stops that you take the cable cars. If you want to have your tickets before you reach the stop, you can buy them from snack/newspaper kiosks in Eyup or Macka.

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